Energy Audit

The Energy Performance Certificate or otherwise the Energy Certificate is a document issued by the energy auditor and it constitutes the energy identity of the building classifying it into one of the energy class A+ to H, while at the same time the auditor lists recommendations that will improve the energy performance of the building.

The Energy Performance Certificate is required to all buildings with a total area of more than 50 square meters that are purchased or rented as well as to all new or radically renovated buildings.

In any case of a purchase the notary is obliged to mention in the contract the file number of the Energy Certificate as well as to append the extract of the certificate that captures the basic characteristics.

The required documents for the issue of the Energy Performance Certificate are:

  • Complete identification of the owner.
  • For the regions that have been included in the Land Registry, the National Land Code number is required or a declaration of entry to the Land Registry.
  • Building license (for buildings that have been constructed after 1983)
  • Notarial title of the property.
  • Document of boiler maintenance
  • Floor plan of the property
  • Topographic plan