Energy saving at home

It is a program that provides the ability to upgrade the energy efficiency of the building while saving money.

The subsidy of the program can be given to detached houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments that meet the following criteria:

  • They are located in an area with zone value equal or below the value of 2,100€/m2
  • The Energy Performance Certificate has ranked the property in a class lower to D.

The criterion according to which the investor is included to the program and the amount of the subsidy that he will receive is determined, is the income. The following table illustrates on the criteria and the percentage of the subsidy in combination with the income.

Category beneficiary




Personal Income



40,.000€< P.I. ≤60,000€

Family Income


20,000€< F.I. ≤60.000€

60,000€< F.I. ≤80,000€


70% Subsidy

 30% Interest free loan (100% interest subsidy until 31.12.2015)

35% Subsidy

 65% Interest free loan (100% interest subsidy until 31.12.2015)

15% Subsidy

85% Interest free loan (100% interest subsidy until 31.12.2015)

It provides the possibility of 4/5/6 year loan, with or without guarantor as well as without requiring prenotation of the property. It also provides the potentiality for payment all the involved suppliers directly through the bank. By being included to the program, 40% of the cost of all the necessary interventions in the building is given an advance.

The cost of the required energy audits (before and after the interventions) that are needed for being included to the program are 100% covered by the program after the successful completion of the project. Moreover, the cost of the consultant is also covered by the program.

The interventions that are determined by the Energy Auditor and can be financed are:

  • Installation of thermal insulation in the building’s envelope including the chamber, the roof and the pilotis.
  • Replacement of the frames and installation of shading systems, including the front door, the stairway frames, the shutters, awnings etc.
  • Upgrading the heating system and the domestic hot water system.

The maximum budget of the interventions that can be financed including VAT cannot exceed the amount of 15,000€ per property.