O&Μ services:

Ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of your PV plant through our flexible operation and maintenance services.

Standalone PV Systems:

We provide energy directly from the sun even in inaccessible areas where there is no electricity network.

Energy Audit:

Obtain the energy audit for your home or your business premises.

Energy saving at home:

Upgrade the energy efficiency of your building while saving money.


Energy Efficiency having experienced and skilled engineers with years of experience, consists the ideal partner in Operation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Installations Services, in Energy Certificates as well as in Energy Studies and Renovation of Interior space.

Driven by the responsibility and the reliability, we contribute to high efficiency and improvement of your investment, providing comprehensive solutions taking into consideration the needs of each investor.

Our services aim to find individualized solutions, able to satisfy your needs with responsibility, honesty, confidence and effectiveness in what we commit ourselves to you.

–Energy Efficiency